cast down

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The Financial Center stands a blearied sentry, its million-seeming window-eyes cast down to the floodlit court on Chambers, to teenaged boys dribbling a basketball-- rhythm rising, voices rising into the filmy hour.
Nick Viall widdled "The Bachelor" cast down to two on Monday.
Well known as a co-founder of Against The Grain Theatre, a company noted for its off-beat approach to opera production in unlikely spaces, he presided this spring over a largely traditional Carmen (albeit moved forward in time to Generalissimo Franco's Spain), done in opera-comique style with spoken dialogue, its major visual innovation being to parade part of the cast down the aisles at the beginning of Act IV (the second in this two-act version) as bullfight vendors and participants.
He walked over to the counter and slammed his cast down, shattering it.
Whereupon the stars cast down their blacked out husks, so the
Vanderbilt's filmmaking is as clean and unshowy as his scripting, and he demonstrates superb instincts with actors: notwithstanding the sometimes-distracting starriness of his two leads, "Truth" is more than a match for "Spotlight" in showcasing an ensemble that feels impeccably cast down to the smallest role.
These words of Jesus reflect Psalms 42:5, 11; 43:5, "My soul is cast down within me.
So posited Satan after he was cast down into the lake of fire in Milton's Paradise Lost, a work that still has the power to shock, please and annoy in equal measure.
e fall of Rome will have lifted the hearts of our men as it will have cast down the hearts of the enemy.
He cast down the gauntlet to the entire rifle building community to raise the bar on a rifle design that was older than John himself.
For pounds 5 it fixed a leak in cast down pipe that was just too expensive and awkward to fix right now.
It shows five airmen looking to the sky for aircraft that may never return and two with eyes cast down, reflecting on the ordeal they have just endured.