cast into prison

References in classic literature ?
His passionate disposition finally brought him into trouble with the magistrate of his district, who had him cast into prison, where he died at the age of forty-two.
He was seized and cast into prison the very day that Safie arrived from Constantinople to join him.
And I think that you are very wise in not voyaging and going away from home, for if you did in other places as you do in Athens, you would be cast into prison as a magician.
I haven't heard this much moaning and wailing since "Seinfeld" wrapped things up by tossing its cast into prison after a prolonged trial (much of the bellyaching at the time came from my own mouth).
Religious groups that have focused exclusively on ending the death penalty without considering either the deplorable conditions that exist in some American prisons or the grim fate of those cast into prison with no chance of ever leaving may have acted with the best of intentions, but their success has contributed to a problem that needs to be addressed.
Hob-nobb ing with Hitler and being cast into prison by her distant relative Winston Churchill.