cast light upon

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We once again call on all state authorities to cast light upon the terrorist incidents we have experienced," the statement said.
Blais is determined to both cast light upon and remedy the policy and pricing flaws that may derail even the best-designed efforts to create sustainable and healthy urban environments.
The conference will cast light upon the reality of the capital markets in the Middle East, the available investment opportunities, discussing the challenges related to such markets, as well as, the solutions, in addition to gaining knowledge about the international investment-related experiences in the world capital markets.
To cast light upon this simple remedy with proven results, we need an expert's opinion.
Basing her intervention on empirical studies which cast light upon the complex ways in which specific venues, acts, and bodies impact upon the dynamic interactions which take place in the space of the strip club, Pilcher concludes that such 'complexities' frequently work to consolidate, rather than challenge, heteronormative sexual scripts.
One of the reasons for putting this collection together was to cast light upon this complicated matter" (xxii).