cast overboard

See: jettison
References in classic literature ?
Peter gave the signal, and the carrion was cast overboard. There was a splash, and then silence.
As the hours pass and the surface of the ocean draws closer, the men decide they must cast overboard some of the weight, for they had no way to heat the air in the balloon.
Now a ship without a rudder With Strasbourg at the helm Manners respect and courtesy All cast overboard Leaving anger malice and envy And national discord Before these stormy waters Plain sailing was the way Fond memories of a happy ship Anchored safely in the bay Economics may be a factor The cost of living isn't a breeze Debt hanging ominously above us A fiscal Sword of Damocles Disenchanted children Squandering youth on video games The great outdoors no longer calls Obsessed with celebrity and fame Amid the corridors of power Faceless suits not held to account Looking on as society corrodes Problems difficult to surmount Complex rules and regulations Health and safety there's no escape Innovations to improve our plight Strangled by bureaucracy and red tape Do calmer seas lie ahead?
Having made the initial 29-man squad for the Sweden and Austria doubleheader, Doyle was ruthlessly cast overboard.
This is entirely warranted, not least since the narrative blatantly echoes the even more far-fetched legend of the Madonna dell'ltria: after being salvaged from iconoclast Constantinople, the statue was supposed to have arrived on the shores of Sicily in pristine condition together with its two protector monks, still alive, who had been sealed in its case and cast overboard.
By their most recent estimation, the WSC notes that hundreds of containers were cast overboard or so badly damaged that they became virtually worthless last year.
The roses were then cast overboard by TS Starling Sea Cadets and pupils of St John's CoE Primary School, Waterloo.
It is precisely this example which caused Hippasus to be cast overboard.
Democrats are treating women's rights as "the easiest ballast to cast overboard," Michelman protests.
Snooky tells the story of Snooky the cat, cast overboard while fishing and his undersea adventures as he seeks to be reunited with his family.
Two men who take much credit for Blues' decent position in the First Division are, of course, former caretaker bosses Mick Mills and Jim Barron, who wereperemptorily cast overboard as the Good Ship Blues steams on with a new crew.
So he exhorted the organization to gear up for a protracted effort to reinvent itself and to cast overboard those who did not "get it" --whatever "it" is.