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Some say this ruins the pan and only the older, smooth-surfaced pans should be used, but I for one make omelets in a sand-casted Lodge cast-iron skillet without any trouble.
Since 2010, she said, LDC operators have replaced over 20,000 miles of cast-iron and bare-steel pipeline, and about 900,000 miles of cast-iron and bare-steel services.
If you've found a well-made cast-iron piece, restoring it will be fairly easy.
Our cast iron cookware supplier (Lodge Cast Iron) gives additional prize money to the winning teams if they cook in their cast-iron cookware," Solgot said.
Celebrities might help, but quality makes the customer buy, said Vinnie Franco, vice president and general manager of Copco, which offers cast-iron pieces in its Mario Batali and Rick Bayless lines.
And, if you are on the verge of delving into cast-iron cooking, what are some of the basic pieces you need to start your collection?
6 percent increase of cast-iron cookware units sold and a 23.
Cast-iron cookware has been used steadily in America since the 1600s, though over the last half century or so it has been known primarily as an outdoor cookware, used mainly by campers, hunters and living historians.
Between 1860 and 1890, more cast-iron buildings were erected in New York City than anywhere else, and in SoHo, a large number still remain.
In 1969, General Motors introduced the Chevrolet Vega, which had an all-aluminum block with no cast-iron cylinder liners.
Q: I can't believe people collect those old Griswold cast-iron frying pans.
Over the past 15 years, we replaced 400 miles of old, primarily cast-iron, pipe with new polyethylene pipe.