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The STMC is also investigating ways to clean up existing stockpiles of tires and find uses for new cast-offs until all tires are recycled.
They will be entering a league in September but currently play in an older team's cast-off strip.
This is pretty much how Head Start works in all 1,287 centers, in churches and cast-off elementary schools, cities and rural communities.
Cellulosic ethanol made from stalks and husks (and other plant cellulose material) still has to be fermented, but it uses cast-off waste products of food that's already being grown.
Fold it so the cast-on and cast-off edges are on top of each other.
The Aga Khan cast-off has won twice over hurdles since being sold unraced by his owner-breeder for 16,000gns last year, and is entered in the Fred Winter Juvenile Handicap Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival.
Molly - played by Vicky Binns - is being given a cast-off wedding dress instead of a new one for her marriage to fiance Tyrone Dobbs.
Cast-off clothing ditched by trendy Tynesiders is being resold in top boutiques in Eastern Europe.
Zoo animals get the best and freshest food, a change from times past, when animals got cast-off and stale food.
Surrounded in performances and installations by numerous cast-off record players, Graeve can appear as a slightly disheveled or disorganized Philip Jeck, the Liverpool artist and turntablist who deploys arrays of mid-century Dansette phonographs.
Even the most scornful Welshman can feel a modicum of sympathy for the English people who must now employ a cast-off Scandinavian to manage its limp excuse for a football team
She gives up painting and begins to sculpt from cast-off automotive parts and stones.