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As clearly as in the light of past events, he saw the defection of the favored unions, the rise and the slow decay of the labor castes, and the struggle between the decaying oligarchs and labor castes for control of the great governmental machine.
And in the end, who knows in what day, the common people will rise up out of the abyss; the labor castes and the Oligarchy will crumble away; and then, at last, after the travail of the centuries, will it be the day of the common man.
Thus, as I believe, the wonderful fact of two distinctly defined castes of sterile workers existing in the same nest, both widely different from each other and from their parents, has originated.
At night his antelope skin was spread where the darkness overtook him--sometimes in a Sunnyasi monastery by the roadside; sometimes by a mud-pillar shrine of Kala Pir, where the Jogis, who are another misty division of holy men, would receive him as they do those who know what castes and divisions are worth; sometimes on the outskirts of a little Hindu village, where the children would steal up with the food their parents had prepared; and sometimes on the pitch of the bare grazing- grounds, where the flame of his stick fire waked the drowsy camels.
IANS Shimla Caste discrimination continues to leave a bad taste among
Every caste & race is equal, every caste & race is great.
One's status in the Hindu society is determined by the accident of birth in a particular caste.
He expressed these views while addressing an international seminar on Ambedkar's Mission of Annihilation of Caste and Present Situation.
If the Manusmriti prescribed gruesome punishments to Dalits who dare to place themselves on the same seat with a man of a high caste, now even their freedom to celebrate an occasion, which they had been doing for ages, has been curtailed.
What the judicial pronouncement entailed was that once those who had suffered for centuries from the inequities of the caste system had been able to overcome much of their social disabilities via the officially sponsored affirmative action, they would lose their right for preferential treatment.
The Deputy General Manager, National Schedule Caste Finance and Development Corporation is a Member of the Screening Committee, constituted for the scheme VCF-SC, that assesses the proposals in terms of prescribed eligibility criteria and preliminary appraisal parameters.
In India, Dalits are the most marginalised and deprived people who have been subject to all kinds of socio-economic injustice, caste-based discrimination and physical torture by the upper caste Hindus for centuries.