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Having said this, first of all he explored and explained the origin of the caste system in "Hindustan" [India], a relevant topic because Hinduism was brought to Bali from Hindustan.
Thus, these reservations are perpetuating the caste system instead of eliminating it.
There is no substitute for detailed contextual studies in the social sciences and the historical disciplines, which, of course, will take into account the specific effect of the operation of the caste system and the relevance of the sacred in conferring status.
The best explanation of the caste system I have ever heard; what a realistic explanation," I commented admiring his analysis of the caste system.
It is no surprise that the caste system, and the unequal society it produces, leads to moral blind spots that hide rapes from public view.
A caste system in general, and especially one so cruelly and strictly implemented as this one, brings up questions of racism and classism.
The term "dalit" means "crushed" or "oppressed," and is used to describe those who are born 'outside' of the four-tiered caste system in Hindu societies.
Everyone knows that the caste system exists, but people don't want to talk about it.
Topics covered include German militarism, America's role in the war, British-American politics, the decline of the British caste system, and an intriguing comparison between the political impact of the Mitford sisters and Violet Bonham Carter, who used her social position to improve the status of women.
We would love to have any of these women priests come to preach and concelebrate the Eucharist with us, not as in a caste system but as a simple community ministered by priests who have the ecclesiastical impediment of having received too many sacraments, just like the new women priests.
But where are the protests about India's contemptible caste system which condemns millions to poverty and persecution for being Dalits, 'untouchables'?
In the Hindu caste system, there were four varnas, or classes, that determined lifelong status and occupation.