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CASTIGATORY, punishments. An engine used to punish women who have been convicted of being common scolds it is sometimes called the trebucket, tumbrel, ducking stool, or cucking stool. This barbarous punishment has perhaps never been inflicted in the United States. 12 S. & It. 225. Vide Common Scold.

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Eventually the Filipina admitted to reporting the bogus story due to fears that her family in the Philippines, the intended recipient of the lost money, would castigate her for splurging it in the casino.
As a result, now there is no opposition medium, there are no journalists who are to castigate him, there is no opposition to ask unpleasant questions in the Parliament, there is no judiciary power that will set boundaries and there is no president of country that will at least symbolically say - no.
The failure by boss Tony Pulis (left) to castigate Fuller has not gone down well.
HOW bizarre that Mark Riordan (Letters, February 27) can castigate Paul McCartney about the situation in Iraq.
Lichter, Linda Lichter, and Stanley Rothman comprehensively surveyed TV shows from the '50s through the early '90s and document what anyone who has ever sat through Act V of a Quinn-Martin production already knows: "Business characters were twice as likely to be bad guys and three times as likely to commit crimes as were characters in other occupations.[ldots][They] were also at their worst when they were shown actually engaging in business, rather than purely personal pursuits.[ldots]Most of their criminal conduct was directly related to their business activities." (That showbiz--an industry hardly renowned for its humane treatment of people--sees fit to time and again castigate the business world for callous heartlessness is itself an irony worth savoring.)
McCaffrey's over-the-top reaction - which included a trip to Albuquerque arranged especially so he could castigate Johnson on his home turf - suggests how desperate drug warriors are to maintain the illusion of monolithic support for their never-ending crusade.
WHILE I have the greatest sympathy for the Menezes family, I am shocked at the way some commentators have used the tragic shooting to castigate Met police chief Sir Ian Blair or pre-empt the inquiry.
SCOTLAND manager Berti Vogts was forced to interrupt a post-match interview to castigate defender Christian Dailly for an outburst following the Euro 2004 defeat in Germany.
He added: "It's superb news." It might seem mealy-mouthed to castigate this proud man but that's what I do.
AS SOMEONE who is rather more partial to chardonnay than is good for them, I'm hesitant to castigate the excesses of girls who, according to the Chief Medical Officer, are turning to drink.
Fr Jim Tobin felt moved to castigate his flock in Baltimore for having short arms and deep pockets when the collection plate did its rounds.
He also had to castigate a health board for trying to hush up the incident and influence the evidence given by nurses.