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HOW bizarre that Mark Riordan (Letters, February 27) can castigate Paul McCartney about the situation in Iraq.
WHILE I have the greatest sympathy for the Menezes family, I am shocked at the way some commentators have used the tragic shooting to castigate Met police chief Sir Ian Blair or pre-empt the inquiry.
SCOTLAND manager Berti Vogts was forced to interrupt a post-match interview to castigate defender Christian Dailly for an outburst following the Euro 2004 defeat in Germany.
It might seem mealy-mouthed to castigate this proud man but that's what I do.
She castigates the church for setting "sexual sin above all other sorts of offense," yet has spent the complete thrust of her article on nothing else but sex.
On the other hand, he is blind to almost all twentieth-century design (apart from its obvious defects, which he castigates endlessly) and to most modern art except the work of Matisse, whom he idolises, and a few other painters.