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If they are white Welsh people, they have not been castigated in schools for looking like golliwogs.
An official in the Indian finance ministry has castigated banks for reckless lending.
If he did not or could not uphold the law he would be castigated. So it is illogical to castigate him on the internet and in the press for enforcing the perfectly sensible laws on speeding, which he did not make.
I CANNOT understand why Jeremy Clarkson has been castigated over his remark that Gordon Brown is a "one-eyed Scottish idiot".
Supporters might say Winehouse is being castigated for behaviour that is almost required for a male rock star.
Last week, we were castigated for our on-field performance and were going to be relegated.
It's months now since I first castigated the UN over it's inactivity in Sudan and I was criticised for so doing.
In the nineteenth century, sissies might be castigated by their peers but celebrated by their families.
Archbishop Mario Conti described the proposals as "a real and grave threat to the rights of parents, the work of Catholic schools, and to society's morality." He castigated the panel for its "almost total medicalization of the problem," noting that ignoring the moral aspects, at the expense of the medical, has up till now not improved but worsened the situation.
In a withering report, the Commons Transport Committee castigated the OFT over its proposals to cut regulations for taxis and minicabs.
In The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1973) Fromm castigated a necrophiliac society narcissistically in love with everything nonliving and machinelike.
But what about the sexual behavior Castigated in vv.