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In Dnevnik, Jordanka Ivanovska castigates the announcements on new 90 employments in the public transportation enterprise, which despite its losses will "live" off of two million euro subsidies this year.
CDATA[ Comptroller Lindenstrauss castigates gov't for not having implemented previous decisions to improve Israels Arabic-language public relations.
ALAN Downes (Your Say, May 31) castigates Gerry and Kate McCann for regularly appearing on television and looking 'well presented'.
SIR: Edward Robbins (AR November 2002, p20) rightly castigates the architectural profession for gathering round the corpse of the World Trade Center like hyenas, and the uncritical assumptions made about the necessity of rebuilding.
In the Sophist Plato castigates two kinds of sophists, pseudo-dialecticians and blustering rhetoricians, while recognizing that there are legitimate practitioners of both dialectic and rhetoric.
whose letter is unsigned, castigates the writer of an IABC form letter that encourages Gold Quill Award winners to seek accreditation.
Uneducated cadres, people with criminal past are being employed, the subject ethics has been forgotten and people who have put the party booklet as the main part in their biography are being taken into service, Manasiev castigates.