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Codirector Hermann, after seeing Ballet at a special screening, was overheard asking Wiseman to delete the sizzling swear word she had used when castigating the presentations manager of the Metropolitan Opera House for not telling her the Kirov Ballet would duplicate ABT's repertoire when it played there.
Although, when castigating politicized critics for bias, he argues that "undecidability is the rule in Shakespeare as in all great mimetic writers, " throughout the book he himself is preposterously decisive.
In castigating the verdicts in the Reginald Denny case, Barnes insisted that "if this had been white guys dragging out blacks, they would have thrown the book at them.
The Complaint further notes that during the time when defendants were castigating Shepard's prior proposals as debt-laden transactions, STFC was concealing the fact that it had incurred $15 million in additional debt, in the form of the issuance of subordinated debentures, in a transaction involving one of its subsidiaries.
He also condemned the assault of an American security personnel on a policeman, severely castigating the high -handedness of the American official.
Televangelists Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have been a formidable antigay tag team for more than two decades, building powerful national political organizations largely on the success of fund-raising appeals castigating gays.
But Matz granted Campbell's own motion to withdraw, castigating Beard-Williams for faxing reporters a copy of a letter she'd sent to the judge criticizing her attorney.
The feds rejected outright the MTA recovery plan, castigating its overly optimistic financial projections.