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So we must have every sympathy for the Metquarter, which has so far been one of the standard bearers for Liverpool's retail renaissance, but now finds itself around 75% full, as tenants have found their previously loyal traditional client base casting around for more economical alternatives.
When Hollywood directors are casting around for a bad guy, Mark Strong's name is bound to be on the list of candidates.
The Wool Marketing Board, which handles 30 million kg of the product a year on behalf of British farmers are always casting around for new ways to use this traditional material, a very difficult task.
He had a decent role in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire but apart from that he was still casting around for roles.
Warwickshire's situation, casting around for a senior player mid-season, yet again illustrates the difficulties in hiring overseas players in an era when international cricket crops up at virtually all points of the calendar.
When casting around for technology programs developed by the Department of Homeland Security, it's hard to find any "hits.
Joseph Rossik, Bryan's father, was casting around trying to find something baseball-oriented to memorialize the two friends and came up with something that would not only be fitting but would fill a long-time need - dugouts at the Rochdale Park baseball field.
But full-back Kevin Morgan's fractured cheekbone has seen Wales casting around for possible replacements.
THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) is casting around for allies in central Asia and north Africa in its diplomatic tussle with Russia to secure cheap and reliable energy supplies.
Current methods of coating a surface or casting around a solid insert generally are expensive and prone to difficulties associated with maintaining the joint between the surface coating or insert and the bulk casting.
WHEN WE START CASTING AROUND FOR THE FACTS CONcerning the historical Jesus like this, we put ourselves at risk of missing the story in favor of the history.
If you haven't done an IPO and are casting around for guidance, this book would be an excellent place to start.