casting away

See: release
References in classic literature ?
If we were told that such a man, so honoured, and so honourable, suddenly casting away regard for his character, his vows, his brethren, and his prospects, had associated to himself a Jewish damsel, wandered in this lewd company, through solitary places, defended her person in preference to his own, and, finally, was so utterly blinded and besotted by his folly, as to bring her even to one of our own Preceptories, what should we say but that the noble knight was possessed by some evil demon, or influenced by some wicked spell?
Since Tony Blair took over, the Labour Party has embraced capitalism with open arms, casting away their socialist credentials.
Between 1917 and the early 1930s, assimlationists argued that Indians could only become fully Mexican by casting away their culture and integrating into the social mainstream.
Ultimately, "Cast Away" is about realizing the true meaning of belonging, of finding home, casting away the clutter that complicates life in an effort to rediscover what matters.
This allows the metal entering the mold cavity to cool while going through the spokes and lets the cool metal fill the rim of the casting away from the riser that will be located on the hub.
He had been convicted of "shamefully casting away his rifle".