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Carver's name has already been put to Hughton, who has been casting round his contacts in football for recommendations about possible re-placements.
Casting round to fill the void, he embarked on a Smash Hits tour with Shane Lynch.
The Grinning Idiot night has been a year in the making, with John and Dan casting round for their ideal venue before coming up trumps with the Star and Shadow cinema in Ouseburn, Newcastle, which is the perfect size for to maintain that up-close intimate feel while still being able to afford big acts.
They can't have imagined that they'd be casting round for a rider for their 17-1 shot in the week leading up to the Arc, but with Swinburn safely installed and the necessary fast ground underfoot, confidence began to rise.
For all I know this is the worst crisis they have faced at the Royal Bank for a century, though that seems farfetched now that they have landed their pounds 12 billion of rights money, while Barclays is still casting round for somebody to sign the right sized cheque.