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CASTING VOTE, legislation. The vote given by the president or speaker of a deliberate assembly; when the votes of the other members are equal on both sides, the casting vote then decides the question. Dane's Ab. h.t. CASTRATION, crim. law. The act of gelding. When this act is maliciously performed upon a man, it is a mayhem, and punishable as such, although the sufferer consented to it.
     2. By the ancient law of England this crime was punished by retaliation, membrum pro membro. 3 Inst. 118. It is punished in the United States generally by fine and imprisonment. The civil law punished it with death. Dig. 48, 8, 4, 2. For the French law, vide Code Penal, art. 316. 3. The consequences of castration, when complete, are impotence and sterility. 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 72.

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Incas is regularly sending advisories and other communications to its members and well-wishers highlighting the necessity of casting vote if they happened to be in their home constituency at the time of voting.
The women are also casting votes at Doctorabad where polling staff was available for their facilitation.
ISLAMABAD -- Gilgit-Baltistan political parties have termed barring women from casting votes in constituency of Darel a sheer breach of the constitution and have called upon chief election commissioner to take notice of this move.
The problem should be resolved by declaring Florida too close to call and excluding its electors - and any electors from other states with a similar inconclusive vote total - from casting votes in the electoral college.
Text voting and on-air polling now allow our AT&T Wireless users to participate in such a popular show, as well as provide 'American Idol' with a new medium for casting votes," said Andre Dahan, President of Mobile Multimedia Services, AT&T Wireless.
He stressed that casting votes was a sign of people's participation in the decision making of the government.
He held that media had played a positive role in holding elections as it highlighted the significance of casting votes to create awareness among the people, Therefore, people are coming out of their homes in large number to cast votes, he added.
Gingrich needs a majority of lawmakers casting votes to win re-election.
As with all presentations at the Coursey show, audience members were asked to rate each company on its products and business model, casting votes using interactive scoring pads.