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One head deposits a non-toxic thermoplastic material similar to an investment casting wax. The other deposits a red wax that serves as a sacrificial support.
The RP model is then used as a die for injecting investment casting wax to produce casting cores and cavities.
The DTM Sinterstation 2000 machine, which costs about $340,000, can already produce parts from a variety of Laserite materials including investment casting wax, polycarbonate, and nylon.
The system is capable of producing objects measuring 12" x 15" using a variety of thermoplastic materials including polycarbonate, nylon, and investment casting wax.
PHOTO : For now, DTM's selective laser sintering device makes models out of casting wax. But
Investment casting wax patterns can suffer from inconsistencies due to the way wax flows into the pattern and solidifies.
Currently available modeling materials for the DTM system include polycarbonate and investment casting wax, Nutt said.