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Castoff Pet Rescue of Blairsville, Georgia, is known as the "shelter of last resort" in this region.
Computer Reclamation's donors-of hardware, cash, or time-can suggest homes for their castoffs.
The shuttle and its crew of six landed safely Monday morning after they flew up to the space station, dropped off some goodies and supplies, did some experiments and tests, gave a ride home to an astronaut and returned home with castoffs and trash from the space station.
As colloids, the chemically stable castoffs can hitch a ride downstream, carrying radioactive contamination far from its source (SN: 3/17/90, p.
Among Rick Thompson's fast-vanishing castoffs from his film industry job were 50-foot-long hoses used to create rainstorms and fake boulders, props from ``Starship Troopers.
The title's reuse reflects the artist's ability to breathe new life into castoffs, and the phrase itself notes his penchant for soapbox-derby technology and lemonade-stand production budgets.
In Walter Mosley's novel Fearless Jones, the protagonist Paris Minton is the owner of a small, used bookstore in South Central Los Angeles who stocks his shelves with castoffs from local libraries.
STEVENSON RANCH - Seventh-grader Mark Hovey stood in the ``loser corner'' and stared at the floor until he was joined by other castoffs.
It could also be seen as a low-tech take on Andrea Zirrel's experiments with self-contained living quarters, the early antics of Matthew Barney, or, in its boyish communal spirit and gleeful use of castoffs, those of impish Austrian quarter Gelatin.
It's one thing to covet castoffs from the '85 Bears.
Bitter jealousy, glorious revenge, corrupted innocence--these are the tropes of an emerging pulp lesbian sensibility that traffics in the tawdry castoffs of '50s and '60s American pop culture.
From Shaffer's point of view, one person's castoffs could be another person's chance at survival.