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Castoff Pet Rescue of Blairsville, Georgia, is known as the "shelter of last resort" in this region.
Britons are being urged to take their castoffs to their local Cancer Research UK charity shop.
The XFL will get what it pays for: teams made up of NFL castoffs and college has-beens.
The store specializes in celebrity castoffs that have been used on shows such as Moesha, Port Charles and Beverly Hills 90210.
Clumping offstage as the bald, gnarly-toothed, wooden-legged man-servant Nicodemus Underwood and then gliding back on in Scarlett O'Hara castoffs as Lady Enid Hillcrest, Quinton clearly relishes the opportunity to show off the results of a lifetime of making faces in the mirror.
While some of the castoffs will be passed on to other family members or used for games and educational software, most are expected to be mothballed-relegated to closets, the basement, or a corner of the guest room.
As colloids, the chemically stable castoffs can hitch a ride downstream, carrying radioactive contamination far from its source (SN: 3/17/90, p.
The title's reuse reflects the artist's ability to breathe new life into castoffs, and the phrase itself notes his penchant for soapbox-derby technology and lemonade-stand production budgets.