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Murder and incest are prohibited and potentially punished for both genders in identical ways--not differentiating the two as does the castration complex.
Whereas Greenblatt exposes psychoanalysis as belated (an exposure as subtle and elegant as it is difficult to refute), Patterson is content with critiquing the already overcritiqued castration complex as distracting from a richer historical understanding of medieval attitudes toward sodomy.
Rather, the narrator first identifies with Brick as the Freudian father of the castration complex who, himself castrated, fails to properly initiate the young narrator into a traditional sex role.
Mayer (1985, 1991) distinguishes between a female castration anxiety rooted in what she (and many others) refer to as "primary" femininity and the female phallic castration complex related to fantasies of a lost or absent penis.
Freud's explanation of fetishism in terms of the castration complex shows another profound link between unconscious fantasy and theology: the theory of unconscious fantasy explains in internal terms the origin of the godlike powers so mysterlously worshipped in, i.
In a provocative footnote, Freud (1909) connects women and Jews to castration fears: "The castration complex is the deepest unconscious root of anti-semitism; for even in the nursery little boys hear that a Jew has something cut off his penis--a piece of his penis, they think--and this gives them a right to despise Jews.
It is a substitute which is constructed to resolve the castration complex (cf.