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Once the knuckles are cast, they are fed into the cell where a robot saws off the gating, performs trim operations, initiates a quenching and performs x-ray inspection.
After leasing a building to Winslow Manufacturing, a machine shop that produced nut plate drills (for aerospace applications), Johnson was contacted by one of the Winslow employees on how to cast the drills instead of machine them.
AECCo first delved into the CGC process to cast low- to medium-volume stainless steel components, such as catalytic converters for the Chevrolet Camero and exhaust manifolds for the 4.
As the closest production method to "near net shape," there is no reason that the industry can't steer the reemergence of cast products as the preferred production method.
The foundry's principal products in iron include motor mount and suspension brackets, axle tube housings, oil cooler housings and commercial fittings, and it casts more than 150 jobs/year for various customers.
In those early days, custom wheel foundries produced cast aluminum and magnesium wheels.