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Does this casualness extend to wearing jeans and T-shirt, or equivalent, on a hot day?
The casualness of danger--probably that's what lies at the root of Jimmy Costello.
Central thesp Amari is outstanding, delivering lines with juvenile casualness and navigating adult scenarios (like giving birth) with convincing maturity.
One really appealing fantasy aspect here is the casualness with which these billions of dollars are spoken about and tossed about, as if the people who appropriate the money really knew what they were talking about.
He went on to express concern about the way " in which bad language - or obscenities are used with such an air of casualness.
And remember how Marcel was traumatized for the length of Proust's novel, from boyhood to deathbed, by the casualness with which Francoise rings a chicken's neck: he wonders interminably at the mordancy of her care.
I've played in a lot of bands with three or four people, and there's something to be said about the simplicity and casualness of just having two people.
reflects a casualness towards sex and child rearing among black men.
I've noticed in my visits to TRACONs or ARTCCs that controllers operate with an odd combination of intense focus and casualness that borders on impertinence.
Instead, they slammed Rumsfeld for "his absolute failures in managing the war", for "ignoring the advice of seasoned officers", for "a casualness and swagger" that had "alienated his allies".
Most researchers agree that formal accuracy suffers in this environment, characterized by informal information-exchange where abbreviations, casualness, and speedy communication take priority (Kern 1995, 1998; Blake 2000, Lee 2000; Sotillo 2000).