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Jain casuistic rules regarding truth and lies are comparable with the Buddhist, save that certain lies are privileged.
Some of the more common ones are deontological, consequentialist, casuistic, and narrative.
Neuropsychiatric symptoms in workers occupationally exposed to jet fuel--a combined epidemiological and casuistic study.
Nowhere in A Relation did Bunyan better demonstrate his superior allegiance to soul over society--and at the same time demonstrate his casuistic skill--than in responding to Paul Cobb, clerk of the peace, who entreated him, "Pray be ruled.
In the mid-twentieth century Christian ethicists struggled with an inherited tradition-strongest in Roman Catholicism, but influencing Protestant thought as well-of casuistic thinking about sex that had an impersonal act-focus.
This Puritan thesis truly tries the reader's patience, a casuistic, intellectually pretentious argument that transparently gets off his chest a familiar internecine gripe with other Chicanos from whom he consistently pretends being aloof.
Moral conflicts can thus be addressed neither in a casuistic nor in a merely pragmatic way.
secondly, from casuistic action to systematic policies of internationalisation that could comprise a complex picture of international programmes and agencies in higher education, systematic national policies to foster strategic internationalisation, or institutional policies to implement management, infrastructure and services for international activities;
Karen Lebacqz, On the Elusive Nature of Respect, in THE HUMAN EMBRYONIC STEM CELL DEBATE, supra note 10, at 150-60 (offering a "form of casuistic reasoning" in the discussion of these issues, yet concluding that embryos or embryonic tissue must be treated "as an entity with value").
In looking for a stable, coherent moral system, James stressed three factors: the psychological question, which dealt with the origin of our moral ideas; the metaphysical question, which dealt with the meaning of our moral ideas; and the casuistic question, which dealt with the measure or order of our moral ideas and actions.
What seems to be happening is a kind of casuistic downward spiral involving our political and military leadership--the political leadership, apparently based on false assumptions about the American and allied public, demands zero-casualty operations, and the military leadership perceives that the political support for military operations--admittedly tenuous in many peace operations--will be undermined unless they avoid casualties at all cost.
35) The treatise's "excessive conceptualism"(36) and "heavy layers of rules and generalities of dubious value"(37) resulted in a "handbook of analogies"(38) that was "high-sounding, but on examination almost meaningless,"(39) "even casuistic.