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But in one case it arises from an abstract agenda about executive power and in the other from a casuistical assessment of each particular program.
Culturally as well as religiously significant, such pamphlets not only were "polemically casuistical in their intentions," but so did they translate "the words and ideas of the Protestant religion .
Elly is at this stage of her life too shallow to find casuistical Roman theology a threat.
These codes and secrets of "double-voiced" texts may be equivocal assertions, expressions of casuistical logic, or any sort of evasive utterance.
The book contains an exhaustive analysis of this phenomenon quoting abundant casuistical data.
Furthermore, in what sense is it 'philosophical' to trade in assumptions--bordering on the banal, notwithstanding their casuistical perils--such as 'to be fully natural is to be alive, and to be fully alive is to be awake, living with one's eyes open as it were' (p.
Brown, Meg Lota 1988: "'In that the World's Contracted Thus': Casuistical Politics in Donne's 'The Sunne Rising.
The texts of casuistry in Spain included confessors' manuals and some casuistical tomes intended for lay devotion.
However, perhaps maxim hierarchies do not solve the Problem of Relevant Descriptions on their own: for all it has been argued, an agent could be thoroughly perverse, all the way up his casuistical hierarchy, in a manner that would slip through the CI-procedure.
I hope that a careful, casuistical analysis of the scenario will illuminate both the possibilities and the values of acts of vicarious sacrificial atonement.
The courts object, but, unable to find constitutional problems with the statutes, they rely on casuistical extensions of fraud doctrine and loudly proclaim the debtor's greed.
While the work repays study as casuistical, and is written in a "form that gestured towards a [.