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Raisi's visit to Lebanon coincided with the Lebanese attempt to find casus belli for opening war against Israel.
It also showed how cynical a power might be about the search for a casus belli.
Frente a eso o las matanzas mexicanas, lo de Paris no pasa de ser una minucia, pero que se convierte en un casus belli para Francois Hollande, que se transforma en el nuevo Bonaparte.
Iranian crisis is too dangerous and expensive casus belli as a "firing trigger" of Azerbaijan for the war resumption against Karabakh", -
Veteran Turkish diplomat and main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) ystanbul deputy Osman KorutE-rk said on Monday that Turkey's abandonment of the territory and its designation of a new location for the tomb near the town of Esme in Syria means that Turkey is "occupying Syrian territory," which is a casus belli.
The White House argues that its casus belli is the emergence of IS.
Such captures are considered by Israel to be casus belli.
Although all the armies had made plans for war, it took political will for war to be declared, which itself needed a casus bellum.
The case method started in Moral Theology as the casus conscientiae, which moved on to the law school as the precedent method and moved on to the business school and lately to the medical school.
This matter is a casus belli for the Union's partners.
This legislation is a casus belli for non-EU states as negotiations continue in the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), set to conclude by autumn 2016.
AUSTRALIA'S contemporary circus company Casus arrives in Liverpool with its premiere work, Knee Deep, next month - and with a Merseysider at the helm.