casus belli

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Casus Belli

[Latin, Cause of war.] A term used in International Law to describe an event or occurrence giving rise to or justifying war.



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casus belli

‘cause of war’, the event that is said to justify a war.
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Blocking passage in the Red Sea's Straits of Tiran was Israel's casus belli to the 1967 war.
Protection of Saudi Arabia and holy places by US troops during that war would provide the casus belli for Osama Bin Laden's jihad, the 9/11 attacks in the US, and the unleashing of political Islam as a revolutionary movement.
The AKP has invented a casus belli against the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) out of nowhere, and is now fabricating reasons to demonize this party, which was only recently its good friend.
PASYDY has reservations about the issue, but its boss Glafcos Hadjipetrou, has said the matter "is not a casus belli," which meant he was at least willing to discuss it.
Iranian crisis is too dangerous and expensive casus belli as a "firing trigger" of Azerbaijan for the war resumption against Karabakh", -
Another aspect of the same phenomenon relates to casus belli. A dozen years ago, the majority of Americans deemed it appropriate to attack Iraq because a great many of them accepted the official implication of Baghdad's involvement in 9/11.
Any attempt to do so by the West will be seen as a casus belli.
This matter is a casus belli for the Union's partners.
The report said Switzerland could not be counted on to give assistance because the Swiss had made Falciani a "casus belli." Eckert, a leading figure on the parliamentary finance committee, said in the report there was no evidence of any tampering with evidence or pressure to scrub any names off the list.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned that Israel would consider the transfer of Syrian chemical weapons to Hezbollah a "casus belli" and would act "without hesitation or restraint".