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Our catachrestic investment thus yields rich returns indeed.
On his joining the circus, Walser, the pragmatic, rational journalist is replaced by Walser, the grotesque clown who performs in a masquerade not only a newly acquired, self-deconstructive, heterogeneous identity but also a virtuoso linguistic play, a meta-reflexive, mocking, hyperbolic, catachrestic, polyphonic, unlimited, carnivalesque flow of silly kitsch and insane hysteric artifice of ecriture feminine, a verbal drag, a laughing text matching the spectacular feverish narrative of the beloved winged woman:
Similarly, Harris's method in his latest novel is the kind of technique that, to quote Spivak, "pluralizes the grid" in a fashion that maintains the "adequate narratives of the concept-metaphors" (17) of decolonization within the space of the decolonized and not through the catachrestic maneuvers of the colonizers.