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Cataclysm has destroyed several dozens of cultural monuments in the country, including famous Tower Dharahara.
Cataclysm is a welcome addition to literature on the air campaign in the Pacific, the debate over the effectiveness of a strategic air campaign, and Arnold's vision of how--through the contributions of a wartime campaign--the AAF could transform itself into a coequal service.
The integrity of their quarrel is one of the few institutions that has been unaltered in the cataclysm which has swept the world.
New research suggest that the absorption of all the CO2 we've been pumping into the atmosphere these past 200 years or so is causing a potential cataclysm for the world's seas - not only threatening the oceans as ecosystems but also as vital sources of food for humanity.
Matter equal to five million suns is involved in the cataclysm.
The findings support the theory that the repositioning of gas giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn from their original orbits to their current location destabilized portions of the asteroid belt and triggered a solar system-wide bombardment of asteroids billions of years ago, called the lunar cataclysm.
For the Book of Revelation cataclysm theorists, the majority (29 percent) tended to be white evangelical protestants.
Ice Age 4: Continental Drift is in cinemas today and sees Manny, Diego and Sid embark upon their greatest adventure after cataclysm sets an entire continent adrift.
YOU have to look at opinion polls in the round to see the cataclysm awaiting the Coalition.
The pathologic fear from losing the local elections which could announce a defeat at the next parliamentary elections, which, from one side is considered to be salvation from a dictatorship and utterly bad and perilous governing, and from the other - if Branko returns, it would be a tragedy equal to cataclysm and end of Macedonia's existence.
00pm When a scientist predicts that the world is about to face a global cataclysm that could spell the end of the human race, the US president leaps into action and joins forces with other heads of state to make plans for the apocalypse.
Wolk focuses Cataclysm on grand strategy--the strategy at the highest level of decision-making.