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It's a slightly different setup but it's not cataclysmic - you can read too much into it you know.
The astrophysics of cataclysmic variables and related objects; proceedings.
TRIUMF is currently the only accelerator lab in the world with the capability of re-creating the microscopic processes that happen in these cataclysmic events.
When you have something so cataclysmic happen you almost can't help it.
Days before the cataclysmic destruction of the World Trade Center in New York, architects and developers gathered to discuss the future of tall buildings in Frankfurt.
The purpose of this research project was to study VY Sculptoris cataclysmic variables, a type of binary star subset.
Fortunately, the hot plasma doesn't slam into Earth with a cataclysmic blow.
PENTECOST, that cataclysmic event which overwhelmed the followers of Jesus (Acts 2) and which "amazed and perplexed" observers, has always fascinated analysts.
We're going through cataclysmic changes in both publishing and direct marketing," Kwartler observes.
Widespread and rapidly escalating tensions allowed little chance for gradual evolutionary adjustments, so release was found in cataclysmic events.
Like Curtis, Goldstein was obviously very much taken with the mythos of the Third Reich, which provided him with a storehouse of images as well as a model for the confluence of fetishistic control and cataclysmic release that he was chasing in his own practice.
According to Saffo, this cataclysmic event helped the cause of Muslim fundamentalists among the Indonesian nationalists already assassinating Dutch colonial planters and fighting their marines.