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The demise and cataclysmic losses by some of the financial institutions from their subprime and credit default swap positions in the next year will make the Security Capital Associates failure look like a cake walk.
Out of 1,600 known cataclysmic variables, only a few are thought to have brown-dwarf donors (notably EF Eridani; see the box at lower right and S&T: February 2005, page 24).
The breath taking "Say It All" sets heartbreak to a jumpy beat, while the angry chords of "Happy Birthday Girl" portray longing in cataclysmic terms.
The close-in dust around Zeta Leporis probably arose when several asteroids bumped into each other, grinding rock into a fine spray of particles, or when a large asteroid, perhaps 100 kilometers in diameter, suffered a cataclysmic wallop, Moerchen and Telesco say.
BP plc, the oil giant, has effectively gone without catastrophic insurance for many years, electing to insure against small risks whose claims are highly likely to be paid and use its equity base--billions of dollars--as a cushion against cataclysmic events.
Despite the slowdown, the cataclysmic residential market meltdown that some observers said were the inevitable consequence of a market that had risen to unprecedented pricing levels in recent years seems unlikely to materialize in the near term, according to the Fed's data.
In fact, the disciples are caught up in cataclysmic events (some described in Acts; some will come with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans).
It will regenerate as it has done many times before in its history following hits by asteroids and other cataclysmic events.
Miles from shore, a cataclysmic hurricane sets them adrift and fighting for their lives, and Jenny must find the courage within herself to chart a new course through troubled waters.
(Silverstein: "For General Motors, a company that has always thrived on the middle market and has only a small trading-up business, the shift is cataclysmic.")
These actions portend literally a cataclysmic shift in the way security for old age is provided.
I used to wonder what sort of cataclysmic event would be required to interrupt the curriculum and allow connections to the real world.