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It's easy enough to make out the mugs of Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner in Silton's work On the Beach, 2006-2007, but you might not be familiar with the 1964 film from which it borrows its title and underlying image--a tale of postapocalyptic survivors in the Southern Hemisphere coming to grips with their cataclysmically jumbled relationships and realities while awaiting the slow doom of radiation poisoning via fallout drifting down from the already annihilated north.
With a site as psychologically and cataclysmically powerful as Auschwitz or, more recently, with the World Trade Center memorial and museum, decision making becomes a community activity.
And they certainly changed more cataclysmically 12 months later when she followed up her first DFS crown with a memorable Wimbledon triumph within three incredible weeks.
However, the underlying issues are the mycelium that spews forth the festering project rot that cataclysmically overwhelms whatever good was derived from the project.
Only then, it would seem, could the plays be performed as a "trilogy" by one company and only then could they collectively lay the scene for the play that so cataclysmically concludes the Wars of the Roses, Richard III, which was most likely written during the plague years.
Until it erupts cataclysmically one day, Mount Fuji isn't going anywhere any more than Mount Rushmore, Stonehenge, or The Great Wall of China.
Nevertheless, it describes the permanently liminal condition which was the fate of Struzyk's daughter and which, less cataclysmically, is also that of the narrator, whose journey' endet an Deinem Grab' and whose narrative has no clear lines into the future.
And then there was the memory of that tremendous catastrophe that had created the island: how the mountain range that had run at right angles to the great Andean-Rockies chain along the Western continent, that ran through Mexico and through Yucatan into the Atlantic and perhaps ended in Atlantis, had cataclysmically disappeared.
If Tat'iana succeeds, she will transcend Romantic objectification, and preserve her status, but she will likewise cataclysmically end both Onegin's and the narrator's mastery of the Symbolic--and the novel.
Chris - who worked in the transport industry before becoming a full-time author - is now hoping the reading public will be equally amused by his cataclysmically catastrophic cat.
Although this happened early and cataclysmically in France during the Revolution, in the German States and in England the process was slower, more controlled and often aided by the relinquishing classes.
A Stanley Fish of Pynchonalia, she reads herself from (I quote her subtitles) "Gravity's Rainbow's Reading History," to "Gravity's Rainbow Revealed as History," to finally and cataclysmically, "Wernher von Braun Revealed as Fiction.