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Whether you like cats or not, 101 Cataclysms is definitely a treat you should try.
Perhaps the recent political cataclysms in Europe belie some of its theses.
"One of the reasons of crises in South East Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe was uncontrolled growth of external debt and inability to serve this debt that led to serious cataclysms in economy," the Kyrgyz National Bank Chair said.External debt control and analysis are very important, Mr.
In the typical "correct science" harangue of today, all the possible bad effects are emphasized (deadly summer heat waves), none of the possible good effects are even mentioned (C[O.sub.2] is a primary plant food), and nothing at all is hinted about the state of computer models used to predict such "imminent" (100 years hence) cataclysms. I say shame on Science News.
But the Italian artist's inverted pedestal was small beer compared to the cosmological cataclysms unleashed by Keith Tyson.
Rather, he suggests that paying careful attention to conditions that have preceded crises in the past can make it possible to determine whether or not new cataclysms are imminent and, as a result, allow time for appropriate reactions.
Greider talks of cataclysms ahead (there are a lot of "abysses" in this book), and he offers some suggestions on how to avoid them.
This linkage allows Shaw to weave the idea of sudden cataclysms into geology's reigning doctrine of uniformitarianism, which holds that regular, repeated processes have slowly shaped the planet's crust in the same fashion they do today.
Major plate tectonic cataclysms have caused oxygen surges into the atmosphere during two separate pulses, say David J.
Such massive cataclysms must have created truly gargantuan waves.
Born during such cataclysms as supernova explosions, galactic collisions, and interactions between charged particles and monster magnetic fields, gamma rays may shed light on violent events throughout the universe.