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These children had, doubtless, been too young to retain in their memories to transmit to their children any but the vaguest suggestion of the cataclysm which had overwhelmed their parents.
It appeared from Fyne's narrative that the day before the first rumble of the cataclysm the questionable young man arrived unexpectedly in Brighton to stay with his "Aunt.
He bounded silently into the air, his whole being rent asunder as by a cataclysm.
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has urged the Turkic-speaking nations to jointly counter global economic cataclysms, Kazinform said Thursday.
We're 99-point-many-many-nines that today's expiration of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar will lead to neither a positive spiritual transformation for the entire human race nor some dire series of cataclysms ending life as we know it.
Enslaving other peoples has been the World's Jewish elite main purpose since many centuries", "The genocide against Russians, Bulgarians and other Orthodox nations has been closely directed by Western Talmudic circles, headed by the Rothschild family" and "Across Europe, the Jews have always infiltrated the minds of the rulers and forced them to create wars and cataclysms, in order to force them into money dependence" are some of Siderov phrases the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee has cited as particularly offensive.
Tony Robinson investigates the cataclysms that changed planet Earth and allowed life to appear and flourish, beginning with the creation of the moon.
There is a long roster of public figures who seek to call attention to their cause by invoking historic cataclysms.
He focuses on memory and affect on the verge of linguistic formulation, arguing that fairy tale plots frequently function as cover-ups of a deeply rooted violence that expresses itself through sensibilities of the skin and in pre-symbolically charged cataclysms.