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Descriptive impressions of managerial and supervisory cataloger positions as reflected in american libraries, AUTOCAT, and the Colorado State Library: A content analysis of education competencies and experience.
But catalogers need to know and to support the overall mission of the library and to join in other library functions.
Request additional funds: Extra money increased the hours of part-time catalogers and student searchers working on the project.
We first reviewed the 'DLIS H-Series' CD-ROM products to find item names that are in the FEDLOG and FLIS systems," said Kelly Durham, a DLIS Navy cataloger.
More recycling would increase the availability of recycled paper and thus, the DMA hopes, encourage more marketers and catalogers to use post-consumer content in their publications.
Portal sites, shopping sites, communities, affiliate programs and rented e-mail lists are being used to build the catalogers e-customer files.
OCLC, ISM Library Technical Services, other standalone contract cataloging agencies or freelance catalogers) are increasingly interested in hiring librarian catalogers with expertise with particular languages, formats of material (e.
In 1994, most catalogers had a good year," said Benjamin Perez, president of Millard Group, a Peterborough, N.
Individual catalogers keep tallies of their cataloging activity which are then compiled into institutional tallies at regular intervals, usually monthly and annually.
Koth has created or published several other resources that provide valuable day-to-day aid and advice to music catalogers, non-music catalogers trying to catalog music, and reference librarians.
The use of the Internet by catalogers as a tool for locating cataloging documentation and other information is not a new development; articles and surveys have been published on the topic for at least a decade.