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Koth has created or published several other resources that provide valuable day-to-day aid and advice to music catalogers, non-music catalogers trying to catalog music, and reference librarians.
One of those commitments is the "Free Paper to Reach More" program that will help catalogers reach additional consumers, ultimately growing their business to be more financially viable long-term.
Once the new system became available, catalogers took a while to adjust to the new online system, with work proceeding slowly at first.
The catalogers used their supply expertise and knowledge of Federal Logistics data, or FEDLOG, and the Federal Logistics Information System to identify the national stock numbers required.
The company is embracing its new role, and even advising other catalogers on how to be greener.
While cataloging may be a small field in terms of the number of catalogers, it is very large in terms of the number of countries that subscribe to the NCS.
Whatever the cause, it represents a challenge to paraprofessional catalogers.
NEW YORK - Direct-mail sales of home textiles continued to grow in 1994 but higher costs and increased competition are squeezing profits for catalogers this year.
The Epicenter Collection brings together, in high-profile anchor locations, a collection of leading catalogers, e-tailers, retailers and well-known brands into a single, architecturally stunning retailing space where each merchant can create their own store environment, yet also benefit from the power and consumer appeal of the entire collection.
Although geared towards professional catalogers, the introduction notes that the work is intended "to provide a basic explanation.