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For a relatively small investment, cataloging provides a big return, a return that keeps on giving.
Develop and articulate general principles of descriptive cataloging of rare materials as a whole;
Fast cataloging quickly adds files to the Portfolio catalog and allows users to start working with them right away while other cataloging tasks happen in the background.
The administrative organization of technical services--as opposed to the administrative organization of public or readers' services--integrates related operations and techniques which may include several or all of the functional units of selection, acquisitions, cataloging and classification, physical processing, binding and repairs, and circulation (Tauber, 1954, pp.
Intermat's chief executive officer, Blair Garrou, said, "While we attribute a portion of our success to our renewed growth strategy, there is no doubt that our 25 years of in-house MRO cataloging expertise was the primary factor in our ability to win engagements and successfully deliver cataloging solutions across multiple industries.
OCLC, RLG, WLN--are services where one pays to search (either transactionally or by subscription) and where the databases were at first a byproduct of very largescale shared cataloging activities.
Of primary interest here, description and metadata encompass new and familiar issues: document description by creators, HTML extraction (webcrawlers), library descriptive cataloging, MARC practices and multiple schemes, GILS and TOPNODE, authority files, the mixing of controlled and uncontrolled vocabularies, access to nontextual media, and the complexities of description for aggregate objects and information spaces such as databases and newsgroups.
With thoughts so contemporary that they could still be relevant, Osborn, chief of the cataloging department at Harvard University and a representative on a three-member panel appointed by Librarian of Congress Archibald MacLeish in 1940 to assess cataloging and processing at the Library of Congress, asserted: "Cataloging has become elaborate, highly technical, a skill too often existing in and for itself" (p.
com exchange is a perfect demonstration of Cohera's ability to address the complexity that online cataloging presents to growing e-markets," said Michael Laven, CEO of Cohera Corporation.
Sybase recognizes that cataloging is a critical part of its portal initiative and has partnered with the company that has dedicated considerable research to the challenges of effective data aggregation," said Michael Laven, president and CEO of Cohera Corporation.
We are pleased to work with Cohera, a leader in B2B electronic cataloging technology," said Dan Stickel, vice president and general manager, AltaVista Search and Business Solutions.
Pricing for the Cohera E-Catalog System starts at US$75,000 for a system that supports cataloging of data from five suppliers.