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With such a major change to cataloguing standards, it became apparent that there would be a need for additional resources to help cataloguers understand RDA and how to apply it in the current MARC21 environment.
Paige Andrew, Susan Moore and Mary Larsgaard are internationally well-known librarians, published authors, and map cataloguers.
Appendix E and Appendix G may prove to be the most appealing to map cataloguers.
To accomplish this task of cataloguing and classification, the cataloguer needs requisite skill, ability and knowledge (Taylor, 2004).
Hence she remarked that every cataloguer should be willing and able to handle anything, as the need arise.
The studies were among recent studies on cataloguer job satisfaction.
Therefore the continuous production of literary resources is an indicator that the skill of cataloguers would remain relevant and needed.
She however acknowledged that while some of the problems and challenges are new, "many are the very ones cataloguers have been dealing with for century: description, controlled vocabulary, multiple versions, subject analysis, data definition, record structure, metadata, etc.
Furthermore survey of 266 public, special and academic libraries showed that employers across all types of library do not only require an accredited degree for new cataloguers but in addition an understanding of Cataloguing Code (AACR) rule interpretations, classification, subject analysis, authority control and integrated library system operations (Hall, 2006).