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They reported that the three libraries sampled witnessed changes as a result of the application of ICT in organising library materials and thus there were some changes in the role of cataloguers to supervision and administrative functions.
Yusuf & Nkiko, (2010), reported a similar finding on demographic study of surveyed cataloguers in their study.
Ageing of librarians particularly those of cataloguers was noted with concern in literature.
This is discerned to assess the cataloguing practices, job description and duties of the cataloguers in Nigerian university libraries as well as glean the current trend of development of the profession in Nigeria.
Training support staff 21 64 and other cataloguers xix.
Head cataloguers were asked to indicate the type of the tools in use in their libraries.
The cataloguers chiefly engaged in traditional cataloguing.
Cataloguers in academic libraries: Their evolving and expanding roles.