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and again Tarzan met him with a sudden hold that the stupid bull, being ignorant of, could not possibly avert--a hold and a throw that brought a scream of delight from the interested audience and suddenly filled the girl with doubts as to the man's madness--evidently he was quite safe among the apes, for she saw him swing Go-lat to his back and then catapult him over his shoulder.
In a corner below the mangle, on a couple of stools, sat two very little children: a boy and a girl; and when the very long boy, in an interval of staring, took a turn at the mangle, it was alarming to see how it lunged itself at those two innocents, like a catapult designed for their destruction, harmlessly retiring when within an inch of their heads.
Getting Catapult Two to this milestone was exciting for the crew who work on these catapults daily, as they know all that goes into each and every launch, said Nimitz's Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (AIRE) Officer Lt.
Cell Medica today announced the acquisition of Catapult Therapy TCR Limited, a subsidiary of Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult), and the initiation of a collaboration to establish cell therapy manufacturing for Cell Medica at CGT Catapults GMP manufacturing facility in Stevenage, UK.
Designed to transform the UK's capability for innovation in specific areas and drive economic growth, the Catapults are a network of world-leading centres that are overseen by the UK's innovation agency Innovate UK.
Together, the Catapults represent a PS1bn public and private sector investment over the next five years.
Each catapult covers an area that has a global market worth billions and where the UK already has capability, says Simon Edmonds, director of catapults at the TSB.
Catapults are used to launch aircraft from ships in the form of assisted take off.
DENNIS the Menace and Bart Simpson carry them in their shorts, but there was nothing pocket-sized about these catapults.
Warriors that employed this implement of war include Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, and Edward I of England In a follow up to Backyard Ballistics, Gurstelle instructs engineers, tinkerers, and devilish boys and girls on how to build seven working scale model catapults.
Essex (CVA-9) arrived with its powerful new steam catapults.
Many of today's competitors, like Team ETHOS, have a secret weapon--they use SolidWorks([R]) 3D design software to design and analyze their catapults for optimum performance.