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Authors report that hypocalcemia associated with end-stage renal disease and hemodialysis has been linked with cataractous changes.
16-18,20) It is seen in association with 1 or more dilated episcleral blood vessels, an epibulbar pigmented lesion if there is transscleral extension of the tumor, a cataractous lens, and/or lens subluxation due to impingement on the lens by the tumor, or secondary glaucoma due to infiltration of the trabecular meshwork in the angle of the eye.
For example, Swanson and Truesdale (1971) reported low levels of Se in cataractous human lens tissues.
The study was carried out on 127 patients with cataractous lens to isolate and characterize cartico capsular adhesion (CCA) molecules present in human senile cataractous lens and select a pharmacological base that can dissolve CCA in vivo and in vitro.
While glutathione levels decrease gradually in normal lenses with advancing age, cataractous lenses contain only about one-tenth as much glutathione.
It has also been demonstrated that consumption of GSE decreases the incidence of cataracts in the eyes of hereditary cataractous (ICR/f) rats (Yamakoshi et al.
Identification and quantification of leucine aminopeptidase in aged normal and cataractous human lenses and ability of bovine lens LAP to cleave bovine crystallins.
Specifically, we simulated cataractous vision, an impairment that has been shown to cause detriment in performance on everyday tasks such as driving.
Further research is needed to determine whether EGCG can reduce oxidative stress to the human lens, thus delaying some cataractous changes that are due to environmental photo-oxidants.
All had cataractous lenses either removed surgically or absorbed spontaneously.