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However, Fitch recognizes that in most cases, the key driver of a rating for a catastrophe bond when applying the ILS Criteria is based on the probability of loss exceedance as computed by catastrophic modelling experts.
Combining the latest research with detailed coverage of state-of-the-art catastrophe modeling techniques and technologies, "Natural Catastrophe Risk Management and Modelling" delivers the knowledge needed to use, interpret, and build catastrophe models, and provides greater insight into catastrophe modelling's enormous potential and possible limitations.
Many policies today are still underwritten using hazard-based assessments of catastrophe risk.
This year, they took a look at hundreds of thousands of storm claims from 2004 and 2005 from multiple companies and came up with a number of different findings," said Jim Coyle, senior vice president of catastrophe planning for Travelers.
To fulfill such intentions would mean perhaps an even greater geopolitical catastrophe.
Trading volume for these contracts was anemic during their two years of existence, which has been attributed to several factors, including: (1) insurers/reinsurers' preference for option spreads (a long call position combined with a short call position with a higher exercise price) as opposed to futures contracts because option spreads have payoffs similar to catastrophe reinsurance contracts (Cummins and Geman 1994; 1995); (2) the lack of historical data on the underlying indices (D'Arcy and France 1992); and (3) the basis risk associated with broad geographical indices.
The ISO Index is the dollar loss on $25,000 of catastrophe premium income from a typical pool of catastrophe policies from around the nation.
The award is testament to the innovative approaches KCC has developed to help address the major challenges facing the insurance industry in managing catastrophe risk.
In recent years, markets for catastrophe reinsurance and primary insurance have experienced episodes of sharp price increases and/or limits on available coverage following major catastrophe losses.
In addition to the range of insurance coverages available, ACE offers access to specialized catastrophe readiness and response services through ESIS Catastrophe Services.
The new company took over where Montpelier left off, offering renewals to Montpelier's property catastrophe retrocessional clients.