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Edelweiss,' which, though the story was somewhat too catastrophical, seemed to me admirably good and true.
For instance, the ban of a club from the transfer window for one or two periods would generally be catastrophical both in a sportive and an economic perspective.
Dror worries that, despite his exhortation to Israelis to think seriously about their future, there is the "danger of a self-fulfilling prophecy, with thinking about a possible catastrophical end to Israel, demoralizing Israel, encouraging its enemies and wakening efforts to make such a contingency impossible.
That's why plastic can pose catastrophical effects on our environment.
Avant-garde illustrations in dark shades are combined with fonts of different sizes, shapes, and colors to add an almost sinister tone to a make-believe disaster of catastrophical proportions: ruined buildings, cars, highways, and trucks, in what turns out to be only a game-two children amid their cluttered toys.