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Eight hours into its blind 'ghost' ride, the ill-fated plane finally ran out of fuel before catastrophically plunging into the ocean in the remote waters of roaring forties.
Clwyd West AM Darren Millar said: "This bailout proves Carwyn Jones and Welsh Labour have got it catastrophically wrong on NHS funding." Welsh Lib Dem AM Peter Black said: "The Welsh Labour government has sent the message out loud and clear that it is prepared to carry on bailing health boards whenever the have lost control of finances."
Something must have gone catastrophically wrong behind the scenes for the powers-that-be to dispense with their manager (above) at such a critical stage of the season.
It follows the treatment given to one of the consultants, retired surgeon Russell Hopkins, whose after-care following a hip operation in June 2011 failed him "catastrophically", the surgeons wrote.
In which year did Vesuvius erupt catastrophically for the inhabitants of Pompeii and Herculaneum?
Enlisted in the Red Book, snow leopard is catastrophically endangered animal and since 2013 snow leopard hunting is forbidden throughout its range.
THE MOTHER of an RAF airman killed by a speedboat in Cyprus in 2010 has accused the UK Ministry of Defence of "catastrophically failing" to protect her son after a coroner blamed his death on a "systemic failure" of safety systems.
Q: What common culprits can catastrophically fail, thereby leading to property claims?
What are some common culprits that catastrophically fail, thereby leading to property claims?
''Don't fooled the and So much competition will eventually drive down prices and, catastrophically, some of these enterprises will go bust.
Summary: A report has found that care for people with schizophrenia and psychosis is falling "catastrophically short"
Entrepreneur Christoph Blocher, a former justice minister, said, 'The franc is catastrophically overvalued.' He had earlier called on the president of the central bank, Philipp Hildebrand, to resign after the bank lost USD21bn last year in an attempt to restrain the currency.