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Currently roughly half of catastrophically injured are able to claim insurance because the compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance scheme only covers people who can prove fault against a driver, leaving the other half to rely on the support of family, friends and carers, not for profit groups, public health system.
Eight hours into its blind 'ghost' ride, the ill-fated plane finally ran out of fuel before catastrophically plunging into the ocean in the remote waters of roaring forties.
These products can fail catastrophically shortly after purchase, which is the early stages of the product's life and a failure mode consistent with most persons understanding of defective products, but also these products can catastrophically fail after being used for many years.
What are some common culprits that catastrophically fail, thereby leading to property claims?
Don't fooled the and So much competition will eventually drive down prices and, catastrophically, some of these enterprises will go bust.
Entrepreneur Christoph Blocher, a former justice minister, said, 'The franc is catastrophically overvalued.
Tabitha Morgan reflects on why successive administrations failed, so catastrophically, to engage with their Cypriot subjects, and how social segregation, confusion about Cypriot identity and the poor calibre of so many administrators all contributed to the bloody conflict that led, finally, to Cypriot independence in 1960.
Crosby Central's Bill Esterson said: "I am hoping it is a recognition that they have got this catastrophically wrong.
This surge nevertheless comes after BSP scored a record-low level of support, retaining it for some months after the 2009 general elections, which it catastrophically lost to GERB.
In fact, "they fail catastrophically under mechanical loads," said Greer.
It makes sense to exempt the catastrophically expensive medications like the MS disease-modifying drugs from the donut hole, but not to eliminate it.
It would be catastrophically irresponsible for Congress to rewrite the rules of justice according to Mukasey's cynical template.