catch a glimpse of

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Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 04 (ANI): With a massive fan following, not just in India but globally, it is only natural for fans to show up to catch a glimpse of superstar Ranveer Singh.
Summary: Fans can catch a glimpse of him from 9.05pm until 11pm on the main cultural stage this Friday.
by Times News ServiceBollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan flew in at the last moment for Amitabh Bachchan, who fell ill, and the crowds gathered in their throngs to catch a glimpse of the glitterati who have arrived in Oman this evening.
Summary: Many people living in Lebanon flocked to the mountains Friday to catch a glimpse of the famed annual Perseid meteor shower, where as many as 200 meteors per hour can fill the skies.
She chose to appear on a balcony too, ensuring as many people as possible got to catch a glimpse of Britain's longest serving monarch.
For many it's the start of the Christmas season, and in previous years hundreds of Teessiders have gathered to catch a glimpse of the vehicle.
Students, residents and astronomy enthusiasts gathered at the Alvin Community College (Texas) Observatory on June 5 to catch a glimpse of Venus passing in front of the son.
Summary: Screaming teenage fans crowded Sydney Airport on April 10 to catch a glimpse of One Direction as they arrived in the Australia for a tour.
Thousands of tourists flock to the Co Antrim island every year hoping to catch a glimpse of the legendary hare - which allegedly brings luck to whoever sees it.
Summary: The famous Egyptian director Khaled Yousif had to seek the help of the Egyptian police to control a large crowd gathered at the site of his newest film "Dokan Shahateh" (Shahateh's Supermarket), trying to catch a glimpse of the leading star the Lebanese artist Haifa Wahbe
Apparently hundreds of people turned up at Twickenham bus station to catch a glimpse of the FA Cup, which Cardiff are hoping to win on Saturday.
Many of the regular customers at the West Boylston Street diner came in earlier and stayed longer than usual to catch a glimpse of the Red Sox-A's game.