catch again

See: rearrest
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Give the man who is not made To his trade Swords to fling and catch again, Coins to ring and snatch again, Men to harm and cure again, Snakes to charm and lure again - He'll be hurt by his own blade, By his serpents disobeyed, By his clumsiness bewrayed,' By the people mocked to scorn - So 'tis not with juggler born
It has kind of been a pattern for Kerry in the past while and I think it's time maybe for us to possibly innovate a little bit and try and be the team that everyone is trying to catch again.
Peter Crowe made a flying start, landing five fish on Bloodworm in the first 30 minutes - but he failed to catch again and ended the match in second place.
Chlamydia is one of those diseases that you can catch again and again if you don't protect yourself.
Now there's no offer big enough to make Mark part with his prize catch again, there's been too much water under the bridge.
Sorenstam, as has been the case throughout much of her 49-win LPGA Tour career, is again the one to catch again today.
The catch again is to make sure that your local is listed as the sponsor and that you write "telephone campaign" on the application you--or the returning member--sends back to Central Office.
Passed like cards between us we catch again Their names on posts in Australia and Pensicola New York and Surabaya ,Vera Cruz and Barcelona.
VOD allows digital cable customers to order movies instantly, whenever they want, pause to take a break, rewind to see a scene they missed or want to catch again and fast forward to favorite parts.
Greene said he'll still work on his catching skills and hopes to catch again.
He caught all 11 innings but spoke with Johnson afterward and said he would catch again today.
Finley is expected to play catch again today, but it won't be clear whether he'll make his next scheduled start until he throws on the side Wednesday.