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In the days when radio was king, catch phrases abounded and some still live on.
The catch phrase for the conference is ''Into New Tourism -- Peace, Sustainability and Technology,'' while its symbol is a design in which Japanese and South Korean people are seen shaking hands.
He also demonstrates how the term alumbrado became a catch phrase for all types of heresies during this period.
The title itself has become a catch phrase for the success - oriented, self - improvement type of book and for a shallow approach to life's problems.
Meanwhile during the Daang Matuwid dialogue, Interior Secretary Manuel Mar Roxas II introduced De Lima with the catch phrase Love you, Leila.
com, the leader in amusing online random generators, released the "Charlie Sheen Catch Phrase Generator" making it possible for anyone to sound as random, yet emphatic, as the former star of Two and a Half Men.
LITTLE Britain line ``I'm the only gay in the village'' has been voted the best comedy catch phrase of all time.
More practical than repeating the comic catch phrase ``I'm English,but I'm Welsh''.
The Beamer family later publicized the passengers' courageous behavior, and Beamer's words soon became a catch phrase symbolizing the nation's resolve.
Many Anglicans seem to accept the idea expressed in the catch phrase, "We left the Pope, not the Catholic Church.
Soon to be the next "Raise The Roof," This one little catch phrase and dance where you wave both hands above your head and say "Party over here heeyyy
What John Sununu dubbed "the Hundred Hour War" became a catch phrase on the order of "Read My Lips" -- policy neatly packaged for the very media machine the president affected to despise.