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contest in search of the new catch phrase that best captures the essence of the flavor experience in Crest Whitening Expressions.
UV Wristbands can be embossed or debossed with a business name, tag or catch phrase.
contest in search of a new catch phrase that best captures the flavor experience of Crest Whitening Expressions toothpastes.
In the days when radio was king, catch phrases abounded and some still live on.
He learned quickly that the catch phrase he'd been taught in Sunday school--that Israel was "a land without people for a people without land"--was false.
What John Sununu dubbed "the Hundred Hour War" became a catch phrase on the order of "Read My Lips" -- policy neatly packaged for the very media machine the president affected to despise.
Mirante said "doing more with less" has become more than just a catch phrase in the real estate industry.
PODGORICA, Montenegro -- Want a clever catch phrase to promote yourself or your business online?
More practical than repeating the comic catch phrase ``I'm English,but I'm Welsh''.
Chartered surveyors Bulleys' internet catch phrase 'all-round vision' has taken on a new dimension with the introduction of a library of virtual tours on some of the properties being marketed by the agency team.
The Beamer family later publicized the passengers' courageous behavior, and Beamer's words soon became a catch phrase symbolizing the nation's resolve.
Many Anglicans seem to accept the idea expressed in the catch phrase, "We left the Pope, not the Catholic Church.