catch sight of

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Astronomers around the world are getting their telescopes ready to catch sight of a speeding ball of rock which will fly past the Earth on Tuesday night.
Walking ahead, we catch sight of High Park Farm and the roadway swings to the right close to the farm buildings.
Star-crossed have been the efforts to bring to print the papers from the first scientific gathering on ethnoastronomy, held when cultural anthropologists were just beginning to catch sight of the potential importance of investigating sky knowledge among indigenous cultures.
For another, the cover art is vivid and captivating: even adults will take a look once they catch sight of the close-up and dramatically captured creatures.
But for now, those giant river otters--not to mention hundreds of thousands of other threatened rainforest species--are hanging on for dear life, so catch sight of them while you can at a place like Posada Amazonas.
The Germans were watching from high above the Anzio beachhead, a 12-mile stretch of sand in Italy, and now and then, they would shoot a flare to catch sight of the Americans.
Driving is a better way to catch sight of big game; a bush walk offers quieter pleasures.
For Giulio Paolini, art is forever trying to catch sight of its own gaze--and forever escaping.
Stargazers flock to Orkney to catch sight of the first eclipse of its type for 80 years and what happens?
Apparently, it can go up to 50mph so we have been encouraging as many local shoppers as possible to 'stop me and try one' when they catch sight of it.
She is the prism through which I can catch sight of my own better self.