catch the attention

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hedge fund, soared Friday in a trading debut sure to catch the attention of many players in the $1.
But he's special enough to catch the attention of Gippart, a company specializing in mind-blowing products.
Catch the attention of staff and students with an enhanced version of Vox Proxy Version 2, the 3-D talking animated character software from Right Seat Software.
ATTENTION-GETTERS These guys were able to catch the attention of hip-hop sorceress Missy Elliot.
Once the challenge was identified, it was the responsibility of the agency to develop a campaign that could catch the attention of the fast-paced consumer, while reinforcing the message that milk is good for the body.
Backing for Isidore is especially fervent in his hometown and the popular groundswell may well catch the attention of the Church.
While the vertical extension of the hole was big enough to catch the attention of scientists, it had little effect on the total concentration of ozone in the sky above Antarctica, says Hofmann.
Condom manufacturers also have new products and are developing marketing campaigns to catch the attention of younger and higher risk consumers.
The 101-405 interchange is now being studied by state and local agencies, and may soon catch the attention of federal officials.
HOUSTON -- After languishing in the clinical shadows for the last 10 years, rubidium is starting to catch the attention of nuclear medicine specialists.
In a move sure to catch the attention of AT&T, MCI and Sprint, WorldCom Inc.
I've said all along that our exceptional customer service, depth of commitment and access to vast resources - all of which are provided by an incredible team of employees - will set us apart from the competition and catch the attention of the world's leading multinational companies," Schwartz said.