catch the eye

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She watched his progress towards the pavilion, saw him now responding condescendingly to an ingratiating bow, now exchanging friendly, nonchalant greetings with his equals, now assiduously trying to catch the eye of some great one of this world, and taking off his big round hat that squeezed the tips of his ears.
An almost irrational amount of hand-wringing goes into choosing cover images, with the goal being to catch the eye of the consumer perusing the newsstands and entice them into buying the magazine.
Summary: Andrea Arnold is leading a host of British filmmakers hoping to catch the eye at the Cannes film festival.
50 (to pounds 10 stake), it tends to catch the eye more than the big training names who have opened their stable doors to discuss their hopes for the season.
With Ryder Cup places still up for grabs, many of the field will be hoping to catch the eye of European Captain Nick Faldo.
Highly positioned products tend to be the best selling since they catch the eye of the user which can fool the buyer into thinking that they have a real bargain when that might not be the case.
How do you catch the eye of potential students, parents, and audiences?
The realistic full-color illustrations catch the eye, and the stickers are easily matched by shape and appearance to gray images throughout the book.
While the fish-scale pattern of the cedars' serried ranks may catch the eye and seem oh-so Japanese, their dense growth allows little of the original forest's rich understory to grow in the un-dappled dark beneath their boughs.
Keeping one eye on the entrepreneurial front, SMU has also created a smart publishing company for student games, designed to help them learn the business and legal aspects of the field and catch the eye of the big guys.
We hear that ADONIS continues to catch the eye on the Newmarket gallops as Henry Cecil gets his team ready for next week's Craven meeting at Newmarket.