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The river's three impoundments, known as the first, second and third dams, are each stocked heavily with brown and rainbow trout, making the river full of catchable fish and, therefore, kid- and beginner-friendly.
Despite what people say, Arsenal are catchable if they drop some points and we go on a good run - it happened last season so there's hope.
LEd Miliband's Labour is catchable if ahead in the polls.
Both Lakeside and Eastbourne remain catchable in the race for top-four places, and Birmingham will be desperate to see King back from injury and their primary doubling-up riders available for next week's matches against Poole and Coventry.
It is still tight at the top and Brighton are definitely catchable.
Benkenstein edged Anderson for two fours then steered him wide of the slips for another boundary, while Ben Stokes edged the England bowler at catchable height through the vacant fourth slip position.
The teams above us who are catchable with the amount of games we've got is a great incentive.
Former Cardiff City defender Gunter said: "Newcastle are catchable, because it is mathematically possible.
But both have still got to travel to the Stadium of Light and, having reduced the gap with a game still in hand over the top two, McCarthy believes they are catchable.
Meanwhile, inland anglers will soon find more waters being stocked with catchable trout as the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) gears up for spring break fishing.
That presented a mission to the rest of the field - to limit the impact made by Armstrong to a theoretically catchable minimum.
Evidence exists that hybridization between planted hatchery catchable rainbow trout and redband trout has occurred.