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Among the big catches were: Lee Wilkinson from Consett with 18 trout on Bloodworm and Zonkers.
Other species to have shown an increase in catches over this period, though generally with a drop in 2004, are the Atlantic redfishes, rays, and white hake whose catches rose from 11,000 tonnes in 1995 to nearly 19,000 tonnes in 2003.
But in every fishery the researchers studied, the number of catches declined by about 16 percent per year.
Close catches as well in Blythe Water Open near Knowle.
Among the big catches was Willie Emery from Newbiggin with 16 trout including a brown of 14lb, an 8lb rainbow and a 5lb blue.
It's lovely,'' said Lewis, whose 14 catches is twice as many as the next Bruin receiver.
They reanalyzed the locations of all previous catches, and then, taking into consideration deep-ocean and surface currents, charted a new course to look for the larvae.
Our goal for the 11th annual STAR Tournament is to have everyone who catches a tagged redfish throughout the summer walk away with a lot more than just a fish," said STAR Tournament Director Bill Kinney.
Garry Hutchinson had five rainbows weighing 9lb in his bag and four fish 7lb catches went away with Sophie Mant, Peter Lewis and Mike Duffy.
LANGLEY DAM 01434 688846 / NE47 5LD Natural flies produced good catches with Black Buzzers and various nymphs doing well.
WEST HOUSE OVERALL catches have been good over the last two weeks since the water temperature dropped.
Tyler added six catches for 81 yards, including a 58-yard touchdown.