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Rimmel has produced a cracking shade that's not too obvious or dark but sparkles and catches the light nicely.
One of a range of five a different shades, this offers a soft pink pearlised shimmer which catches the light but does not leave you shining like a beacon.
The stone rustication of the brick facades creates an abstract relief that catches the light and marks the block off from its conventional neighbours, and the column centred on the recessed bay of windows lighting the three upper stories is the architect's signature.
Three genuine diamonds, set on a solid gold bar, are positioned above the rare yellow sapphire hinged drop (approx 3mm x 5mm), which catches the light as it moves, for a truly glamorous look.
Concentrate the glow where your skin naturally catches the light - under the brows,
Matte or solid lip tones look harsh on Julianne - here she wears a glossy orangey tone which catches the light every time she smiles and is applied with a brush for a smooth, sexy shape.