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Epic, downbeat tracks such as Numb and The Kids Are Ready To Die overshadow shorter, catchier tunes such as Changing and It Doesn't Mean A Thing.
It's catchier than weisure and captures that sense of blurred boundaries that we all feel," said reader Ginny Holbert.
There's no doubt that Szeemann's title was catchier, and it helped that a kind of mythology arose around his exhibition (for instance, it was during the show's run that Buren--who did not officially participate--was arrested for wallpapering billboards in Bern with his signature stripes).
This also can be your name -- though you also can put that in the Bio section in the next step -- or you can make it a little shorter or catchier if you so chose.
Jereme Rogers calls self "King of Switch" in press release Much catchier than "Duke of Douche".
We first tried to name it Rampage but realised that there's one in the US, so we condensed it to the catchier Rage," said Khodjasteh.
Believe me, should I ever be so inclined, I would try to come up with something a little catchier than that.
He chose his stage name - an anagram of his real one - when he auditioned for Kajagoogoo because he thought it was catchier.
Although "Paint it" may be a catchier brand, "Steadfastly" may have been better for Dave's wallet on a number of levels.
The overhauled range, which is being rolled out now, features new catchier names, such as Rich Steak & Mushroom, designed to demonstrate a focus on flavour.
The melodic material is catchier, harmonic movement is smoother and the forms unfold more organically.
Their catchier tunes, however, get exquisitely close to experimental pop, like the Flaming Lips, and on occasion, go so far as to veer into blissful, Supergrass, finger-