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The catchiest story The Mind Demised features an unforgettably erratic Vietnam veteran named Leland who mixes cocaine and anti-psychotic medication while playing guitar in a neighborhood bar.
But the former throws curves like singing in phonetic Japanese, while one of the catchiest songs by the latter ("Fucking Boyfriend") is wholly unsuitable for airplay.
Early on, Hammerstein wrote that "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" was the catchiest song of the bunch.
Tubelord are the catchiest band of the line-up tonight, they have a sound that could quite easily be heard on daytime radio.
With Seth Goodman's gorgeous guitar licks throughout, Failure To Thrive boasts the catchiest chorus since Tom's Diner, Blue Mood Words is truckstop boogie and I'm The Only One poignant porchfront country.
And Rolling Stone regards its contents as 10 of ``the catchiest Civil War-era folk-rock tunes of the year.
The catchiest pieces might sniff the charts: the elegantly rocking tide track Black Cadillac; the bluegrass / honky tonk rich Radio Operator; the driving elegy Like Fugitives, the relatively poppy minor chord toggle Dreams Are Not My Home; and the N'awlins-spiced World Without Sound.
On the catchiest tunes - `Permanent Juvenile," "Hot Tub Party," `Spit It Up" and "Siamese Connection" - you'll find yourself tapping your toes, a sly smile growing across your face.
AUDACIOUS DIRECTORS" may not be the catchiest American Theatre cover line ever, but given this issue's emphasis, it was irresistibly apropos: Creative audacity is the stock-in-trade of the quartet of distinguished stage directors--Anne Bogart, Martha Clarke, Edward Hall and Mark Lamos--who in these pages explicate their recent or current productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream, using a single photographic image to exemplify their concepts.
SEATTLE'S THE BRIEFS HAVE RISEN QUICKLY TO well-deserved notoriety by simply cranking out some of the catchiest punk this side of new wave.
Probably the catchiest dance tune so far this year.
And the change is bringing in big bucks for the franchise, which now has one of the catchiest logos in any sport.