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KYLIE Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head has topped a poll to find the world's catchiest song.
Middle England folk-pop from the breakthrough act of the year, this new single is one of the catchiest from their hit album.
Of which 'Twenty Tens' emerged as a favourite nickname - with more than 30 per cent believing it was the catchiest.
IT'S THE catchiest tune Ireland has had in the Eurovision Song Contest since Rock and Roll Kids.
Not the catchiest of phrases, but you wouldn't expect the city's young professionals to be picketing on Colmore Row.
One of the catchiest adverts on television will soon star two South Wales sisters jigging and singing between the breaks.
nk proves she's back with the catchiest cut yet from her recent album, I'm Not Dead.
THEY are some of the catchiest songs of all time - but the artists who made these records are rarely heard from again.
Newman still owns over 350 domain names and is considering a contest, survey or test marketing to see which domain name might be the catchiest or easiest to remember.
The album had an even more orchestral feel to it but right at its heart were the catchiest choruses of the year.
But that hasn't stopped Sin City quartet the Killers from igniting MTV and radio with "Somebody Told Me," the catchiest adventure ill gender confusion ("Somebody told me / You had a boyfriend / Who looks like a girlfriend / That I had in February of last year") since Blur's "Girls and Boys.