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On the issue of the Heritage Fund, the Klein government surveyed Albertans in 1995 with the catchily titled "Can We Interest You in an $11 Billion Decision?
shelves are groaning with volumes catchily entitled "The Transgressive Body .
A prime example is the catchily named MW24FM1 TV/DVD/VCR Combination from Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc.
In the first section, catchily titled "Unlocking the Information Vault," he covers many sources of collected data.
Belmont, California-based Comergent Technologies Inc is poised to announce an internet-enabled channel commerce system, catchily named the Comergent Distributed E-Business System.
An article, catchily titled "The End of History," written either by or for Cheney, appeared In the Wall Street Journal in October 1994.
Saxophonist Hamilton, having made a name for himself on the national jazz scene since the mid-1970s, riffs and swings catchily and distinctly, as he always has.
In any case, the new star rapper's success has reminded music and rap buffs that there are many performers out there who have similarly opted to go the catchily unusual route and have thus changed their boringly ordinary names to tickle fans' frisky fancy.
The catchily titled M3LL155X - or "Melissa", which represents her "personal female energy" - comes with a 16-minute video she selfdirected.
TOVE LO - QUEEN OF THE CLOUDS SWEDISH songstress Ms Lo's first album proper is full of slightly brash but sporadically brilliant electro pop which veers from the ever-soslightly controversial (Like 'em young) to the catchily defiant (Not On Drugs).
IF there was any doubt that the human animal is at the pinnacle of both its scientific and driving skills then Rosetta-Philae landing on the catchily named 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet surely proves the point.